From the beginning Kinder Spass was established with the aim of being truly international. The original founders are of various nations, among them Brazil, Ghana, the Philippines, Poland, Croatia, Germany and of course Sergio Lopez from Portugal/Holland.

From the beginning Kinder Spass thrived on its original international concept. Though our productivity and motivation we are making an effort to turn the ubiquitous nightmares destroying us all into the Kinder Spass dream so that the survivors will have a future.

In case there is confusion the Kinder Spass Earth program in houses all of our programs and we have not yet found a better way to explain Kinder Spass than the 1992 Rio Earth Summit in speech given by Severn Cullis-Suzuki.

The world's most influential decision-makers seem to be still trying to come together on their decisions. Well we have been taking steps and our steps for children are not just to protect from daily violence but guide them by means of balancing the mental and physical through motor coordination educating the essential necessities of life. Therefore we fully support sporting activities and educate participant often in dual educational programs. Participants typically finish university with a minimum of bachelors if not master's degree.

Kinder Spass started with nothing but a dream in a time when there was not much internet social media. We have prospered through people to people, ground work and word of mouth.  We prefer meeting person to person when possible because it is our way of showing respect