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Hello World

In April of 2017 our original website with Network Solutions crashed.

Unfortunately none of that information was recoverable. Although we are working diligently, we expect to be fully updated by the end of 2018.

Due to the high volume of calls and emails, if you will before contacting us first please check our website for updates concerning your country.

We at Kinder Spass hopes you will enjoy our new format and we thank you for your understanding.


Welcome, if you do not understand our purpose then first read our mission and then watch the short video of "who we are".

There is nothing for sale on our website so there is no wasted text trying to convince anyone to buy anything.


We provide the finest quality, international educational, athletic and career possibilities through exchange programs and scholarships if the funds are plentiful. We are we offer two levels, standard and elite. Elite participants must earn the right to be apart of our programs through strenuous educational and athletic challenges.


The International Team: a selection of the best athletes from various countries participating together in competition against local and national teams.

Tour Team (Cinderella Team): a chosen selection of standard and or elite participants with various talents.


We offer international employment opportunities to help support your future.

If you have been approached by one of our scouts/recruiters, an opportunity for a glorious future is possible. Contact us directly for more information.