True-Blue Warrior of  Ukraine

While surveying i was warned that “not all Ukrainians are good people, there is much corruption”.

I was then asked why is so much attention given to a foreign nation who is unrelated.

A Warriors Knot

My letter of reply!

My kinfolk,

become more intelligent, do not misjudge me because I do not have the same appearance nor that I do not speak in the same manor and present myself dressed in an embellished гимнастёрка.

Awaken your thought while hearing that on one of many journeys, I met an admirable soldier from World War 2 in Lugansk.

This true and wiser gentleman came to me and wanted to chat with me. But at first it wasn’t possible to communicate because we did not speak the same language.

Later I learned that he fought in the war and still carried the emotional scars.

I told him about myself, and suddenly the greatest wow surrounded me as he then took me for an amazing walk.

I still remember so clearly how this fearless True-Blue Warrior, from the Core of the land that creates a true man, held my arm as if I was his grandson and bestowed upon me great knowledge about the mark of distinction, strength and glory of the Mother Land - his home, your home, our home.

I felt as is if I was esteemed walking with dear kinfolk.

I miss you. May your scares vanish and allow you to rest in piece.

I am on a journey to seek out and to stand along with my brother, the True-Blue Warrior!

Such Ukrainians are my life’s blood which is forever in my Heart, Faith and Soul!